The Magical Santa Experience

December 6 - 11, 2022

Bring magic and joy to your little ones with The Magical Santa Experience.

  • Santa’s head elf sends a video personally inviting your child to Zoom with Santa Claus.
  • Your kid(s) have a private Zoom with Santa himself!
  • A few days later, Santa will send an old-fashioned letter thanking them for the fun chat.


Zooms with Santa will be scheduled Dec 6 – 11 2022. Video invitations from Santa’s elf will be emailed the first week of December.

Information Needed:

When booking a date, a few simple questions will be asked to help personalize your child’s time with Mr. Kringle.

  • First name(s) and age(s)
  • Did you do the Magical Santa Experience last year? If so, will the same kids be joining?
  • What gift did Santa bring last year and did it work out well?
  • Favorite food, book, movie, or song
  • Name and type of pet
  • Does the child have an Elf on the Shelf? If so, what’s his/her name? Where does the elf hang out?
  • Any info the parents or grandparents would like Santa to have.

One valid email address per family. Both the elf invitation and the Zoom invitation will be sent to this address.

Please check audio & video on your Zoom connection prior to the chat (downloading Zoom is required).

Home address will be needed to send the letter from Santa.

Cost per Zoom:

  • $40 for one child
  • $50 for two children
  • $60 for three children *

*maximum of three children per Zoom

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