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The original professional theatre for young audiences and families in Northeast Ohio.
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Why Children Love and Need Theatre

Dedicated to making memorable theatre experiences for kids, families & schools. Magical Theatre Company is growing imaginations.

The minds and hearts of children are nurtured by live performance. Young audiences are changed and challenged by the experience of seeing characters up close. They may see themselves in the characters – or characters unlike themselves. This helps young audiences empathize with others and care about the world. Magical Theatre Company also encourages a love of storytelling – helping children become inquisitive, lifelong readers.

Magical Theatre is a place to make memories as families or classmates and enjoy the shared experience of seeing a live show onstage. Together, they are all inspired by the same performance they’ll remember for a long time.


Our new and upcoming shows will be just as exciting as our past ones. Take a look and see all the fun – then get ready to visit Magical Theatre Company at our next production!



A Midsummer Night's Dream

Summer Camps

Young people who participate in camps develop life skills while experiencing the joys of acting, dancing, singing and improvisation. All camps are staffed by experienced professional directors and actors devoted to bringing out the best in children and teens.

Great Big Acting Camp, Akron Image

Great Big Acting Camp, Akron

June 10, 2024 - June 14, 2024

Build your great big acting skills with high energy morning sessions focusing on character, movement, voice, creative dramatics, and improv.

So Ya Wanna Be An Actor? Image

So Ya Wanna Be An Actor?

June 24, 2024 - June 28, 2024

Kids take center stage and learn performance skills taught by our fun, energetic professional actors and directors.

K.I.D. Camp Image

K.I.D. Camp

July 8, 2024 - July 19, 2024

Our signature camp gives kids a true chance to experience theatre and develop the skills needed to shine on the big stage.

Great Big Acting Camp, Hudson Image

Great Big Acting Camp, Hudson

July 29, 2024 - August 2, 2024

Kids are encouraged to follow their active imaginations in high-energy sessions focusing on character, movement, voice, creative dramatics and improv.


Magical Theatre Company is an award-winning company founded in 1972 to provide high quality professional theatre for young audiences. Through thousands of performances, we are committed to artistic excellence, employing professional actors, designers, and directors, whose credentials include work from Broadway to Hollywood. To date, young audiences from 23 Ohio counties have attended our productions. We continually strive to expand our reach and make great theatre accessible to more young people.

For Educators

Our programs offer many ways for schools, libraries, churches and other organizations to enrich the lives of students (pre-K-12) with professional theatre.


Organize an exciting field trip that also ties into your curriculum – including free Teacher-Student Study Guides.

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These productions go where the kids are: schools, libraries, churches and other locations.

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This is our popular program in which students write stories that we adapt into plays and perform onstage.

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Professional actors train your students. Can be integrated into your classroom curriculum.

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Experience the Theatre Plan Your Visit Today!

Much to the delight of young people and their families, Magical Theatre Company is an awe-inspiring vintage theatre built in 1919 and restored to capture that same grandeur. What a wonderful change from the bright and plastic worlds of play they see everyday.

That’s just one of the many magic moments you’ll love about your time at Magical Theatre Company.

To maximize the experience, we offer information and instruction on how to get the most from your visit – whether you’re attending a show as a family or organizing a bus filled with young people seeing live theatre for the first time.

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Those wide eyes when the lights come up. Those giggles when the characters onstage are funny. That excitement when children learn they are going back for another show at Magical Theatre Company. That’s what your donation supports.

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Learn more about ALL the ways you can keep Magical Theatre experiences alive for young people and families.