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K.I.D. Camp FAQs

Q. My child has no experience. Can he/she still do the camp?

A. YES! The levels of experience will vary greatly among the kids. Most will have no prior experience, some will have done plays in school or church, and a few will be very experienced. It’s all about learning.

Q. Is my child guaranteed a solo or lines?

A. No. Not everybody will be able to have a solo or lines. If they want to audition for a solo or lines they have to attend the audition.

Q. Does my child have to audition for the camp?

A. No. Everyone who pays is in the camp. They only have to audition for solos and lines.

Q. Is the show a musical?

A. YES! It is a musical revue with scenes. Every child will have to sing. There are no non-singing parts (because of everyone being in the Opening & Closing numbers.) (But remember — they don’t have to do solos if they don’t want to.)

Q. We’re going on vacation the first week of the camp. Can my child join it the second week?

A. No. He/she would miss too much of the process. It would be too hard on him/her, as well as the other kids in the production.

Q. We’re leaving for vacation the day of the performance. Can my child do the camp but not be in the show?

A. Yes, but make sure it’s really thought-through. The classes would still be very valuable and fun, but the child would not be part of the afternoon rehearsals. He/she could help with costumes or props during the afternoon hours.

Q. My child has swimming/dance/horseback riding lessons on each Tuesday and Thursday (or any other days). Can he/she still do the camp?

A. We do not recommend it.

Q. How many adults will be present?

A. 5-6. Holly and Dennis, the choreographer, the musical director, and one or two college interns.

Q. What about lunch?

A. Each child must bring a packed lunch and something to drink. They will not be permitted to walk anywhere to buy food. They should also bring a water bottle filled with ice water every day.

Q. What should my child wear?

A. Comfortable clothes that they can move around in. They will be on the floor at times, and will sweat. Also, no sandals, clogs or flip-flops.

Q. Is it fun?

A. Absolutely!! But, it is a tremendous amount of work. A lot will be expected of the kids, and it will be difficult at times. This is not a relaxing camp. We take it very seriously, and truly believe that the fun is in the work.

Q. Is there a refund if my child doesn’t like it after the first day?

A. There are no refunds after May 22, 2015. If a child drops out prior to that date we will refund the money.

Q. Is the performance free?

A. Each child will receive two complimentary tickets. Additional tickets can be purchased.

Q. Are there hidden costs?

A. There are no other fees. The children will be asked to provide their own shorts and shoes, but these will be tennis shoes — not special dance shoes.

Q. My child is coming to the Audition. What does he/she have to prepare?

A. The kids will be asked to sing a solo and read from a script. If they want to bring their own sheet music for the pianist, that’s fine. No taped accompaniment please.

Q. Can I watch the auditions and/or rehearsals?

A. No. We find that the kids do better without their parents watching. They feel less pressure. And, it makes it more fun for the kids if the performance is totally new for their parents.

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